If you ask a man what a woman wants, he’ll either come up with a list of 100 things instantly or he will keep thinking till eternity (no exaggeration!). The truth is a woman can want a thousand things at one moment and nothing at the next. Today she might want to enhance the aesthetic lines of her body by breast implants, Amsterdam, Parisian women being in the forefront on the list and tomorrow she will just want a time of solace, as seen from the career centric ladies of Mumbai, London and New York. But no matter where a woman lives, her wardrobe has always been and will always be her greatest pleasure.

For a woman, her wardrobe is a treasure box and whenever she gets a chance, she tries to add some more precious items to it. There are few things a woman should always have in her wardrobe, because not having them can be a fashion sin! Let’s find out the 7 wardrobe must-haves.

Little Black Dress – No wardrobe is complete without a classy LBD. Team it up with different accessories to change the look every time you wear it.

White Shirt – The most timeless piece of clothing, a white shirt can never go out of fashion. This is one clothing which you can wear almost anywhere, anytime; be it an official meeting or a casual outing.

Tailored Blazer – A well fitting tailored blazer looks great on every body type. This sexy, feminine outfit goes well with skirts, trousers, jeans and even dresses.

Flat Shoes – Ahh, the bliss of walking in flat shoes! Heels are more popular and might look sexier, but nothing can beat a pair of cute, colorful flats.

Blue Jeans – The quintessential blue jeans might be the best outfit invented by man. Stylish, cute, sexy, fun blue jeans is everything you wanted and maybe more.

Cute Pajamas – Nothing can beat the comfort of pajamas. Cute prints with cuter colors in a pajama and a good night’s sleep is all a woman needs after a hectic day.

Sexy Lingerie – One thing that can make a girl feel sexy is well-fitting, body flattering lingerie. Go for the timeless reds and blacks and you are ready to seduce your man.

Having these things in your wardrobe will ensure that you are never out of style and comfort. Of course pairing them up smartly with accessories and good make-up is important too. So next time someone asks what a women wants, you at least have 7 things to tell!

Long scarves pull multiple duties in the style department. From enhancing casual or business wear, to accessorizing a formal ensemble, they successfully punch up any outfit. Show your superb fashion sense by learning how to integrate long scarves into your wardrobe.

Long scarves are for all seasons, and these two easy and popular looks for wearing them around the neck work well to keep you warm in winter or to accent a favorite summer ensemble. Whether they are wooly or the finest handcrafted silk, try these styles for instant glamour.

Draped Style

  1. Hold each end of the long scarf in your right and left hand.
  2. Stretch the scarf out full length in front of you.
  3. Place the mid point of the scarf on the front of your neck.
  4. Bring the two ends of the scarf behind your neck and cross over at the nape of your neck.
  5. Drape the two long ends of the scarf in front.

Now your neck is nicely encircled with the scarf, and you have the two long ends draped in front. Finally, adjust for comfort and choose how far apart you wish to have the two long ends – they can meet mid-way or be separated further apart for a different look.

Tie-Inspired Style

  1. Holding the ends of the scarf in your right and left hand, stretch out and fold the scarf in half.
  2. Place the halved scarf at the nape of your neck and wrap around to the front.
  3. Take the two scarf ends on the one side and place them both through the opening at other end.
  4. Pull the long ends through.

To finish, simply adjust the scarf to be slightly loose or taut at the neck for a double-layer look that is the epitome of high style.

Long Winter Scarves

You could be feeling overwhelmed and wondering how to wear a winter scarf that seems too long.

  • Easy Folded Loop: One of the easiest ways to wear it is to fold it in half first. Then, drape it around your neck.Take the two loose ends and push them through the loop of the folded end of the scarf. Tighten as necessary. You drastically cut down on the apparent length of the scarf, and this is also one of the warmest ways to wear the scarf.
  • Loose Wrap: Another way to wear an average-to-long scarf is to drape it around the front of your neck so that the ends dangle behind you, then criss-cross them in the back and pull them back around to the front. Make sure the scarf is centered.
  • Layered Knot: A longer winter scarf can also look chic in a layered knot. Wrap the scarf around your neck, cross in the back, and then pull the ends to the front and knot. Loosen the wrapped portion of the scarf as needed to be comfoortable, and smooth the ends of the scarf so they are hanging down in front, with one end slightly covering the other. The resulting look is a dual layer around your neck that is both warm and stylish.

Dress It Up

short purple wrapped scarf

You can alo make your scarf look more interesting by tying it in front, flattening out the knot and the ends, and scrunching the top of the scarf around the neck as if it were a turtleneck. Stylist Amy Salinger shows you how in one of her YouTube’s How to Tie a Winter Scarf videos. For those who prefer a dressier way to wear a cold-weather scarf, this is it.